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  • Lawn Cuts-Lawn cuts can be set up on a weekly or a bi-weekly basis. A regular lawn cut includes lawn mowing, trimming around the edges and removal of grass clippings.
  • Mulching and Edging- Mulching and edging can be a one time service or could be set up annually. All beds are edged and cleaned. Mulch is spread evenly throughout the beds. We offer a few colors of mulch for the customer to choose from.
  • Trimming and Pruning- All pre-determined shrubs are shaped and trimmed. Overgrown shrubs are cut down to a desired height.

Lawn Care

We offer a wide variety of applications and services that are beneficial to your lawn's health. 

  • Fertilizing- We recommend fertilizing to keep your lawn happy. We offer a six step fertilizing program:

  1. Pre-immergent crab grass control

  2. Broad leaf weed control

  3. Shrub control

  4. Slow release summer fertilizer

  5. Fall fertilizer which encourages root growth

  6. Limestone application which controls the pH of the ground.  

  • Core Aeration- Core aeration is beneficial because it decreases compaction and encourages root growth. 

  • Slice seeding- Slice seeding is used to thicken patchy or thin lawns. 


We install a wide variety of plants from small flowers to shrubs and trees. All of our plants are 100% GUARANTEED. If a plant dies within one year of when it was planted, we will install a new healthy plant for free.

  • Trans-planting- Any plant, big or small can be removed from its original position and re-planted in any area of the property. 

Lawn Installation and Renovation

We are able to remove the existing landscape and put in a new lawn or add to any lawn. If needed, we will bring in a bobcat to clear the land. Next we will spread loam all throughout the area. There are three main options to for a new lawn:

  • Sod- Sod are pre-grown strips of grass that are laid on top of the loam. This option is the most expensive but it is a full lawn when the work is complete. 
  • Hydro-seeding- Hydro-seeding is an application that is spread on top of the loam. The mixture is made up of hydrolic mulch, seeding and fertilizer. It takes a about a week for the seeds to germinate. Hydro-seeding is a less expensive option to sod. 
  • Hand Seeding- hand seeding is a less expensive alternative to sod and hydro-seeding. The grass seed is spread by hand over the loam. The seeds will begin to germinate between 5 to 10 days. 

Landscape design

We are happy to meet with you to discuss a new design for your landscape whether it be just a corner of your property or the entire landscape. We will work with you to create a customized plan that will look great and be practical in the environment. After the meeting a plan will be drawn up depicting the design for you to approve. 


We are experienced in installations, repairs, turn-ons and blow-outs.  


We specialize in walkways, walls, patios and driveways. We supply Belguard pavers. Customers are able to choose from a wide variety of colors and styles of pavers. There are a lot of steps involved in making a quality hardscape.

  •  Removal- We are able to remove the existing hardscape which is included in the cost.
  •  3/4 inch stone- A thick layer of 3/4 inch stone is spread evenly then compacted. 
  •  Stone dust- stone dust is spread over the the 3/4 inch stone. It is graded then compacted.
  •  Pavers- The pavers are laid in the pre-determined pattern. We measure and cut the pavers for a perfect fit. 
  •  Polymeric sand- Polymeric sand is swept over the pavers. The hardscape then gets rinsed down which allows the sand to harden in between the joints. This inhibits the pavers from moving and it helps prevent weeds from growing in between the pavers. 

Snow Plowing

We have multiple trucks that snow plow. For private driveways we typically plow when snowfall exceeds 2 inches. For larger storms we will return roughly every 6 inches. The pre-determined price is based per visit. For commercial accounts, we will plow any amount of snow fall.  The price can be based per visit or per season. Shoveling of determined walkways, stairs and decks are included in the price for both commerical and residential properties.